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What is integrative primary care?

It is our attempt to combine the best in primary healthcare with effective therapies that come from other traditions: psychology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other more naturally-based systems of health and healing. It is more than different practitioners with different approaches treating the same patient; it is a desire to understand the health issue at the most fundamental level, define it and remedy it in the most efficient manner. We seek the underlying elements that lead through different systems to health and wellness. Our commitment is to offer the safest and most broadly effective options for care. Our promise is to explore options with our patients, seek the best evidence and treat with the most appropriate therapy.

We are a team committed to providing the best results possible and we practice high integrity in the delivery of our healthcare. This means we act with honesty, accountability and responsibility. We strive for clarity in communication and full participation from our patients.

Beyond addressing illness, we want to support you in a high level of health and optimal function. We believe that healthy people make for a healthy society and that a healthy society can help lead to a healthy planet. We see human health as dependent on a healthy environment. We recognize that our healthcare needs to be sustainable. We seek to align our lives, our practice and our business with this principle. We want our choices and treatments to look good and work well in ten years or twenty, not just for now.




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